This is an event that our Chairman of the ASA Board of Trustees, Brian DeFreese, first visualized two years ago during an adult board meeting of Indiana Simmental Breeders and we are extremely excited to see it come to fruition. The sale is a great opportunity for our Indiana Junior Simmental Members to market their cattle after months of hard work getting them broke, properly fed, shown, and bred. These young cattlemen are offering high quality Simmental Genetics that have been proven in the show ring and will go on to perform in the pasture. If you are looking to add high quality and well-bred Simmental Genetics to your herd with cattle that you know are easy to handle, this will also prove to be a great opportunity for you. Whether you are a purebred seedstock breeder, a club calf program, or a commercial cattleman, there will be cattle and matings that will fit what you are looking for in this inaugural version of the Indiana Junior Simmental Selection Sale.

Auction Dates/Times: Start: November 05, 2017 10:00 AM Eastern
Close: November 06, 2017 8:00 PM Eastern

How do I register to bid? 
Only registered bidders over the age of 18 can participate in the DP Online Sales auctions. You must have an account made with DP Online Sales. To create an account, click on Register for DP Online Sales, and fill out the required information including creating your own username and password. If you already have an account, simply log in, choose the sale and click register for bidder number. Keep your username and password in secure place. 

How do I get my bidding number to bid? 
After you are registered with DP Online Sales, under each individual sale there will be a place to request a bidder number. You will be assigned and notified with a bidder number. Please remember your password and bid number and keep in a secure place. 

Why is my bank information required? We require each bidder to provide bank information to ensure that each of our bidders is a valid and qualified bidder. This method has been implemented for the protection and security of each of our bidders. If valid bank information is not provided, a bidder number will not be granted. 

How do I bid?
Select the auction you would like to view. When the bidding for the auction is open, you will have the opportunity to enter your bid and/or your maximum bid for the lot. Click submit to send your bid in. You will be notified via e-mail when you are outbid. 

What is a “Maximum Bid”? 
A maximum bid is the highest dollar amount you are willing to pay for a lot. For example: If a lot begins at $200 dollars, and the most you would want to pay is $450, you enter that number. The computer will automatically bid for you when you are outbid until your maximum bid is met. Your maximum bid is completely confidential and not revealed to the public or members of DP Online Sales. 

May I raise my Maximum Bid?
Yes, once your maximum bid has been met you can raise your maximum bid to a new point. What is a “Bid Increment”? The bid increment is the dollar amount that the bid must be raised (e.g., $25, $50, or $100). For example: If the bid is at $200, and it says the next bid must be $225 then the bidding increment is $25. You can bid the minimum bid, higher than the minimum bid, or you may enter a maximum bid, but you may not bid in denominations less than the set bid increment. 

What is extended bidding time? The extended bidding time feature will leave the bidding open for any item that has received a bid within the last 5 minutes, even if the original ending time has been reached. Extended bidding means that the auction is not declared closed until there have been 5 minutes of inactivity on the sale. If there is any bidding during the inactivity period, the auction is extended until there is no bidding for 5 minutes during the inactivity period. How does the auction end? Each auction will end at a specified time. However, we use an extended time feature. With this feature, the bidding will remain open on any item that has received a bid within the last 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes has lapsed without any bidding activity the bidding on the item will be closed. 

How do I know I won? 
If you are the winning bidder, DP Sales Online staff will email you an invoice to your registered email address after the auction has closed. This email will have complete instructions on payment. How can I make sure I am seeing the most current bidding information on the screen? During the bidding process you will need to refresh your page to ensure you are viewing the most current bidding screen. 

If I win, how and when do I pay? 
When you win an item you will receive an email with the complete details of your purchase. Acceptable payment forms include: credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), wire transfer, money order or cashiers check. All check payments should be made payable to DP Online Sales, LLCand mailed to 153 Bourbon Hills Dr. Paris, KY 40361 within 72 hours of close of sale. Full payment must be received within 72 hours of the sale closing date. Fees are subject to 18% annum interest (1.5% per month) after the 3rd day. A $50 fee will be assessed on all late payments or returned checks.Buyers with delinquent payment may be banned from future auctions on DP Online Sales if the account remains unpaid. 

What if I would like to pay with a credit card? 
You have two options. When you receive your invoice to your e-mail, there is a link to pay online on a secure payment site. You may also call our office to give your credit card information.

Delivery Options:

The buyer is responsible for working out the details of delivery for live or frozen lots. Payment must be received by DP Online Sales before pick up can be made. All frozen genetics will be able to ship once payment is made. The buyer is responsible for paying all costs related to shipping on both live animals and genetic lots. The sale group will work with the buyer to make the best and most cost-effective ararngements. 

Contact: Jim Herr, ISA President 317-439-0911. Tamiko McGurk, Jr Advisor 765-585-1208
Doug Parke 859-421-6100 Tech & Bidding Support. Drew 423-506-8844. Holli 859-707-5248